Meet the people behind our quality vehicles:

Larry Racey Sr.

Larry founded Racey Auto Sales when he returned from the Air Force in 1961. Having bought and sold vehicles since that time, he has seen many dealers come and go. Giving a quality vehicle at a good price and excellent service is how Racey's has withstood the past half a century. Larry is now retired from the United States Post Office and runs the office of Racey Auto Sales.

Scott Racey

Scott is Larry's son and grew up around the automobile business. He now runs the body shop, oversee's the mechanics and inventory and the man now responsible for the business. With 40+ years experience, Scott will help you with your needs.

Jennifer Racey

The daughter of Scott, Jennifer is a marketing graduate of York College of Pennsylvania and also works as the Tour and Travel Associate for the York Country Convention and Visitor's Bureau.

Carl "The Fat  Man" Hall

Carl is the Sales Manager with a long history in the people business. He is a great communicator of what the customer wants and expects. He will be glad to answer any questions you may have and will give honest, straight forward answers. He's here to sell, not beat around the bush!!!

Grouchy Sam Messinger

Big Sam is a retired foundry worker who has been with Racey Auto Sales for 17 years. He drives the rollback and tow's trucks. He's a big John Deere man--don't forget to ask him about his green and yellow.

Jay Runk

Jay has been with Racey Auto Sales for the past 8 years.  Heis the lead body man. He has great welding and fabricating background. Good business needs good people and guys like Jay are who you look for. Jay knows every part of the truck from the inside out.

Mike Weaver

Mike is the lead mechanic and comes from a 20 year background as shop manager at the local Goodyear store. He has been with Racey Auto Sales over 12 years.  Mike is an expert when it comes to Onan Generators, Telsta, Altec and Versalift booms and can answer any question when it comes to mechanics.

Craig Berkheimer

Professional Painter and Expert Body Man.  Craig has been in the field for the past 25 years.  He specializes in working with Fiberglass and Fabrication.

Rob Nicklow

Rob is a expert with the 460's, 454 Vortecs, and the Newer 502's.  He has been in the field for 15 years.  He currently works in our engine shop.  In his spare time he builds race cars to run at the local dirt tracks.


Ricky Dennis

Ricky has been working for us the past 18 months.  He started mowing lawns and showed interest in learning to work in our body shop.  He is currently an apprentice, working hard learning a new trade.

This is part of the team here at Racey Auto Sales trying to give you the best product for your money and keep your vehicle on the road so you can earn more.

Leasing is Available
Leasing company is ACG Equipment Finance Scott Hirz  (866) 807-8383. Capital Direct: Jeremy (603) 433-9486. 
These are a quality financing companies and great to work with.

Full Service Dealership
Tag and Title service on-site.

Transportation/ Delivery/Shipping
Chris Kissel is in charge of our delivery options and our Shipping Company is Darlene at Door to Door Auto Transport (410) 918-1059.  We have also added Dan Muthler Trucking (570)660-5641
Very reasonable pricing.  (Or use the shipper of your choice.) 

Learn more about our restoration process:
Step 1
Each Truck begins at our Engine and Transmission Shop where Jess completes a compression test and checks for any issues with the engine or transmission.

Step 2
Each truck goes to our body shop where it is completely sanded to bare metal, primered, and resanded. If we find any bad area we replace these areas with Certifit Metal.

Step 3
Once the body work is completed the truck goes to our specialist, Mike. He evaluates and repairs brakes, exhaust, bearings ect. AND ALSO goes over the Boom and Generator.

Step 4
Each vehicle is Professionally painted in our paint booth.

Step 5
We get each vehicle Dot Inspected by an Indpendent gargage (two sets of eyes are always better than one).

Step 6
Each vehicle is driven 150 to 200 miles by Big Sam! If it does not pass Big Sam‘s test it will go back to Mike until Sam approves the vehicle for sale.

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